February Demonstration

Wilma Sheltman demonstrated how to create 3-dimensional art on canvas by recycling cardboard drink carriers.

Photo of Wilma explaining how she uses chalk spray paint to prime her pieces after the sculptural elements are dry.
Photo of Wilma's hands as she squeezes glue onto wet drink carrier cardboard.
Photo of Wilma beginning to form a rose from her water- & glue-soaked cardboard.
Photo of Wilma forming her cardboard rose on a canvas.
Close-up photo of completed cardboard rose on canvas.
Photo of Wilma explaining her process. One of her artworks is on a small easel in front of her with a flashlight shining to accentuate the 3-dimensional qualities of the art.
Photo of Wilma forming a leaf next to the rose on her canvas.
Photo of Wilma explaining how she paints her cardboard sculptures on the canvas.
Photo of a turkey piece that Wilma made.
Photo of a 3-dimensional spray of roses and leaves on canvas that Wilma made.