June Demonstration

Veronica Hatton demonstrated working with scoring, tooling, stitching, & decorating leather.

Photo of Veronica talking about leather work at the beginning of her demonstration.
Photo of several samples of Veronica's work.
Photo of Veronica showing how she draws her design on freezer paper to transfer it to the leather.
Photo of Veronica showing the transferred design on her piece of leather.
Photo of Veronica demonstrating how she scores the design into the leather piece with a sharp knife.
Close-up photo of Veronica scoring the design into her leather piece with a knife.
Photo of Veronica showing how she tapes the edges of her leather piece with painter's tape to keep the leather from becoming misshapen as she works.
Photo of Veronica stamping a design into her leather with a special tool.
Photo of Veronica explaining her process to art club members Celia Bass & Wilma Sheltman.
Photo of 2 sketches of Veronica's designs.
Photo of Veronica starting to stitch a piece of leather.
Close-up photo of Veronica pulling the thread taut as she stitches her leather piece.
Close-up photo of Veronica stitching her leather piece.