Upcoming Events

Field Trip to Arlington

At the May meeting, we decided to go to an art museum in Arlington on May 28. We will meet at the Arboretum at 8:30. We will need to park in the lower parking lot where we park for the meeting. I need you to let Toni know if you are planning to go to this and I need that information as soon as you can give it to me. We will need to have drivers and vehicles. If you are willing to use your car and drive, please let Toni know that also.

Fiddler's Contest Art Display

The Fiddler's Contest will be on the courthouse square in downtown Athens on Saturday, June 1st. We have been given permission to set up artwork on the courthouse lawn, weather permitting. Participants will need to plan to be there before 8 am. You will not be able to leave after your arrival unless you want to walk blocks carrying all your stuff when it is time to go home. There are restrooms in the basement of the courthouse that are available, however, you might need to have a roll of toilet tissue in case of a shortage. For this venue, you can use wreath stands to display your paintings on. Wreath stands can sometimes be picked up at a cemetery. You can often find a stack of discarded ones there. You can also purchase used ones from a florist. The wreath stands can be pushed into the soil and the painting hung on the hook that holds the wreath. You will also need eye screws in the bottom two corners of your frame so they can be tied to the legs of the stand so the wind won't blow them around. Card tables are acceptable or whatever kind you have that you can handle. Wind has to be considered at this outside location. So keep that in mind when planning on displaying your wares.