May Meeting

We will meet on Tuesday, April 11, at 10:30 a.m. Location: Upstairs room, Women's Building, East Texas Arboretum. We will try to determine when or if anyone wants to go to the Kimbell to see the Turner exhibit. The dates for this exhibit are May 9 through September 5. Try to look at your calendar and see if you have any dates that would conflict with this time frame so as many that want to go may do so. I opt for July or August, but will go along with the majority. Tuesday is 1/2 price day. The usual fee is $16.00. Sounds like a good day to go to me. Hours are 10 to 5. At this time they require masks and social distancing. It will be time to pay our dues. The yearly fee is $25.00. If you won't be at the meeting, you can mail your check to Wilma Sheltman, or pay them next month. Laura Brewner will do the demo, showing us the technique she has used to paint clouds. If you wish to paint along, bring your supplies.